Monday, July 30, 2012

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

So the girls who I love and miss even though we had been at the Zoo for 6 hours still wanted to do Sidewalk paint. it was an easy recipe so I said sure even though I was dog tired. But I needed to stay awake until they left anyway and then I think I slept til the next day lol. It was another pinterest recipe and I made it today and another day and all the kids loved and my sidewalk was very pretty until it rained, so for a while lol.

Just cornstach and watch

now pretty colors

and away they go

E doing his own thing. I forgot what he put but it was funny

all the littles painting

J working on her monster

E painting his show. thank goodness they are Crocs and washable crazy kid

Hum you have something on your face, small One

In his hair. now you know they had fun

he did have fun even with that face

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Zoo Trip 7-11-12

Weds we had an Awesome day at the Zoo. We were there almost 6 hours. We went with the Summer Clubhouse that The Small One has been doing. They said that Parents and sibs would have to pay. I was expecting that no problem. We were there when they got there and got counted with the group, So I didnt have to pay. That was such a nice surprise. Since I hadn't been to the zoo in a while with little ones I forgot that I would probably need a stroller but we got one there and it was a double so that was awesome. J snd M did so good and the teachers that we wwere with couldnt stop saying how great they were and didnt nap or anything. We had just had Ice Cream and so I went to clean the girls up and when we came back's The Small One's teacher was in the stroller. She said in and they sat in there with her. It was so cute. And the other kids all wanted to take turns pushing the stroller. The 3 of them were push by a group of kids from we were to the next place. They took off and by the time I got there the teacher had the girls in with the goats and petting them. We got to look at everything. They slept the 10 minutes home but that was it. When we got home and got the other kids they still wanted me to make the side walk paint. So I did and my side walk has never looked better. and now for Pics.
Ready to see the Animals

M and K

J being silly

They can't wait

Looking at the Sitatungas

They moved but where looking at the Situngas too

They are chickens

K feeding Zuri and is She was very friendly and hungry lol

Just took from J

M ended up not wanting to so I did. Look at that tongue

So close today

Almost sibling love

I love the Giraffes

Waiting for the Sea lion Show to start

Awesome shot

Then a tail lol

E being E lol

They both got tired of the show

Enjoying a great day

Lunch time. K's was supplied by Clubhouse. He had a turkey or ham sandwish,carrots,applesauce packets, chips and a rice crispy.

I mae the girls Pb&J(strawberry),Gogurt, fishies and applejuice. ealier for a snack they had the applesauce packets.

Mine yummy nachos, cheese and sour cream

A enjoying her rice crispy

K and his "friend" "D"

K and J

M looking at different butterflies

She wasnt so sure about the ones in the boxes lol

J and I. usually were I am so is she even at home

oh she left and let a teacher pick her up.

Cant tell if thats A or J

A kangaroo with a joey

A  little better picture can see there are more then normal legs

Got it. so weird the joey is upside down. They have had 7 born in the last year. they only have 1 male in the bunch.

J brushing a goat

J brushing a white goat

she loved brushing them

K trying to brush the goat

But it decided his shirt looke good to eat

I knew there was something wrong with E lol
and we still came home and made sidewalkk chalk