Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is it Thursday Yet?

Enough said. I cannot wait until it is thursday I am planning a movie night because of how busy we have been.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Very, Very, Very Busy

I have been very very busy and I hope it ends soon. I am working on 4 quilts that need to be done by end of school. Ok just 2 of them by end of school. so they are taking up all my time. Yesterday alone I made 32 Rice Krispie eggs, 24 Easter eggs, 2 trips to wal-mart, helped finish 2 Science Fair Projects( one still needs some work), and went to church last night.

Today we have to run to my mom's and then go to a all-day birthday party,Who does that?

Tomorrow is Easter which means, I have to play at both services and then family easter at my mom's. Urg

Once things calm down I will hopefully be able to post more.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Really busy week!! and extra teeth.

This week was spring break. like tradition I didn't have my kids but other people kids, so it goes when you have a home daycare lol. The Kids I had this year were good, so I didn't break down like last year. My kids finally came home today. We worked on there Science Fair Project, hope to get them finished this week. Next weekend we will work on putting them together on the board and the 15th is the fair. The Big One got half of his main part done and he is going to finish the other part after church. The Small One got all the main part done.

The Small has lost another tooth and is waskind of funny. I was finishing up something and he said mom, can you pull my tooth out. I said in a sec and he said oh, its out. Lots of blood to follow lol. Talking about teeth, they both had dentist appts. monday. Wooohooo no cavaites. But we did find out some interesting news about The Small one. He has an extra tooth. The kid does nothing normal. The extra tooth is above the tooth he lost tonight. So another baby tooth will come in then an adult. Looking at his teeth tonight, I have no idea how the teeth are going to fit. I am pretty sure braces are in the poor kids future, more sooner then later i'm thinking.