Monday, September 28, 2009

Buddy Walk!!!

October is Down Syndrome month and all across the country people will be walking in the Annual Buddy walk to Raise Month for all sorts of neat stuff for these kids'( I'm not the best with words). This coming Saturday Oct. 3rd, I will be walking the 2.1 miles with this Amazing people. Don't feel obligated, but I have posted my Donation page. I will be happy with how ever much I can raise. Thank You.

I am walking in Memory Of Tommy (Oct. 27th, 2003-Oct. 13th, 2004). In Honor of Of Kamari, Emma, Xander, Grifyn, Ava, Brianna, Micah, Danny, Lauren, Kennedy, Kellsey, Anya, Zoey and Arthur.

My Donation page for The Buddy Walk.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Feelings

This is not how I wanted my 100th post to go but I need to get some stuff out. I love all my friends' and each one is someone I can share certain things with. I love J and her daughter N and The Princess. I think this is coming from jealously but I am upset with them. I have been working, Voluntarily working my butt off at the kids' new school in hopes that I could get hired in the extended care. I love the kids'. Now I wonder why I go there's nothing I do. They wanted to hire someone new because the last couple weeks have been crazy. So what do they do in order to give N a reason to want to be there they hired her. yea the girl that just had a baby 3 weeks ago. She has never watched all the kids' the whole time by herself. I don't do anything anymore. I loved signing the kids' in and talking to them when they first got there, I don't even get to do that anymore because N does it. She hogs it like nobodies business. I left early today because I was going to cry. It was something I looked forward to and now I don't.

i was also talking to another friend about some things and she told me I was ridiculous. And I needed to stop OK yes I was being I don't know but they are my feelings, I can't help them. I feel better getting this out. I think. Now I am going to take the Boys' to a doctor appt. then The Small One to my mom's and The Big One is having 3 friends spend the night tomorrow oh yea me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Stuff

This is my 99th post.

I like soccer but man its boring.

I LOVE VERA BRADLEY. I am getting a new backpack tomorrow in PURPLE PUNCH. And a Lanyard for my WORK Badge.

1 ONE week until GREY'S ANATOMY. George is NOT I REPEAT NOT dead. I refuse to believe it.

I love reading to my kids but I have a older child in a sport 20 minutes is hard to find.

How is it that the 1st grader has homework every night but Friday and the 5th grader has only had it 2 times since school started.

I feel like crap I HATE having small Sinus' because when the weather changes I ALWAYS get a Sinus' Infection. Have to call the doctor tomorrow.

Today is Wednesday, several things happen. Pogo badges come out. I have 1 done already. and Handbells. I love Handbells. I have been playing for 6 years. I have this year and next then I have to take a 2 year break because of Conformation.

This is my 99th post. I want to do something for my 100th but have no idea what.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My friend J's Daughter had her baby and she is such a Princess. That's what I call her too. I call and ask how the Princess is. She was born friday night at 8:32pm weighting 7 lbs 3oz and 20 inches long. Just a little peanut. The Big One and I went and saw her Saturday morning. You would have thought he won the lottery or something the smile he had on him. He has never seen a baby that small or young and he held her twice was biting at the bit to hold her lol as I was. Then I went up there Sunday in the afternoon I was there for almost 4 hours lol loved it. Changed her feed her. Loved on her lol. Talked with J. She loves her to pieces but wished N would have waited as we all do. But N and D are doing a great job with The Princess. Its so cute. Then last night I made Lasgana for them and today I took it over there they were so thankful. They loved and said it was good. I got to love and feed and change The Princess. I burped her and she spit up everywhere, But did not get any on me lol. Here are some pics of The Princess and The Big One. I also have some of me but no.
The Big One and The Princess
The Princess
She is such a doll. I have a pic on my phone of just her face and she does look like just a Doll.
Where they had her, 1 of the gifts is a Vera Bradley Diaper bag. I LOVE VERA BRADLEY. I have wanted a Diaper Bag for a while but could never justify getting one since I don't have a baby. I like the bright colors right now I carry the Raspberry Fizz Messenger and have the wallet to match. I had talked to J and N before they had The Princess and they didn't want to Diaper bag so I said I would buy it from them but they said no they would give it to me as a Birthday Present I was totally happy with that lol. So When I walked in to the Hospital on Saturday what pattern should I see in the diaper bad The Raspberry Fizz. So completely jazzed lol. It was meant to be.
Vera Bradley Messenger Bad. Mine is the older version.
The Vera Bradley Diaper Bag. Love It.Photos from www.verabradley.coom

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mickey Ears!!

This happened Friday but I'm still chuckling about. The Big One is 10 and at an age where everything matters'. He is on the School soccer team and does not want to do anything to be Embarassed about. We went to Disney and like tradition they got Ears with there name on them. I love them. The Big One got ones that look like Mickey's pants with his tail sticking up thur the ears. The Small One got Car ones. They keep them in the car and put them on when they get in the car. That is the backstory.

So Friday, The Big One had a Soccer game. we get in the car and he puts his Ears on and FORGETS about them. We get to the field and he gets out and go over to his team mates. I start laughing as does Mr. B next to me when all the sudden The Big One comes running back to the car and throws his hat at me and gets in the car crying. It took me 5 minutes to talk him out of the car. I told him it would be ok, if anyone said anything just say you had a great time at Disney. That didn't work. Mr. B told me he would talk to him so I went to sit down. I looked over and he was walking over to the field. Mr. B came over and we were still chuckling. He told him to take it like a man and to laugh it off like I told him, But I'm the mom what do I know.

All was fine except he would not look at me the whole game. After the game he comes over Mad as all get out. Saying he wants to punch number 29's face in a billion times. I asked why He said that everytime he would pass him #29 would say Mickey then later mouse. I told him it wasn't worth it you don't have to see him again. I asked if his teammates said anything and he said no. That's got to count for something, right.

Took me a day to talk him into wearing them again(which I'm surprised I did), but not he calls them the Ears of Shame. Poor Mickey didn't even see it coming.
The Small One's
The Big One's
Photos Thanks to the

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Christian Organizer!!

I don't know about you, I live by my Organizer I have to. The Big One has Soccer practice crap I have a back Doctor appt. at the same time(true for today). I love it I look at it everyday. I have been looking for a new one and guess what Tricia's Dish is giving away 5 online organizers and 10 spiral-bound Christian family organizers I jumped on it. and The Big One is going to his teachers/friends house, He's happy The Small One not so much since he has to go with me.

Earth DVD giveaway!!!

Over here at Here and There Blog, Pat is giving away a Disney Earth DVD. Oh the Big one would love that for christmas. He would sit and watch every episode when it was on.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Part 1 of Road Trip 2009!!!!

So in June we left on a what ended up being a month long vacation. Nothing will ever be able to top it. I am going to go thur this in several posts.

On June 25th we left to go to Weirton, WV where 2 of my good friends live and haven't seen and they were moving. It was Awesome, I usually hate WV because of my ex-mil but up ther ein the mountains was awesome. I loved sitting on their deck with a very weat internet connection and catch up on stuff. We did so much in the 3 full days we were there. We got there Thursday afternoon and just chilled. We were going to surprise my 1 friend but her husband told her but she was still happy. When we got there is when I found out Farrag Fawcett had died and Michael Jackson had been rushed to the Hospital. Friends' Husband and I plus Kids' went to dinner and that's when we found out that MIchael Jackson had Passed. The whole Restuarant was buzzing with the news.

Friday Friend was off so we ran errands and such. Went to their old house to help pack up and such. Not much happened that day.

Saturday, Friend had to work, boo. Friends' Husband toolk the Big One to the dumpster(I told him to leave him, but he didn't, lol) They were unloading a bunch of crap from the old house. After the Boys' got back and took a nap. they started to put together a table a chairs for the porch. The Big One put togehter the table and 2 chairs by himself. Very Proud of him. they also played badmitton all in all it was a good day.

My friend' live in the wood' and the deer literally walk thur their yard. I had a vvideo but its on a disk some where I will post it when I find it.

On Sunday we went to church. Then to a flea market, where they spoiled the Boys' rotten. The Small One for a Spiderman hat and a sticky dart gun thingy. The Big One got 2 things for Star Wars stuff. After that we went to the mall. We went glow in the dark Mini-golfing and then went and saw Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen. It was a very good movie.

We got up Monday to a very good breakfast and hit the road for the second part of Road trip 2009.

Here are some pics from that trip.


So today(I know I have been busylol) I called the center where I am having my Surgery and was told some good news and bad news (isn't that the way it always is). The bad news is the insurance hasn't paid for the 1st surgery of the year(yes i'm on Medicaid and they are only allowed to do 4 Gastic/lap-bands a year). So until that one is paid they can't do any more. The good news is the lady who was put in front of me in june because of said insurance is thinking of going somewhere else if she does I am again next and I could be going into the program by the end of the Month. WOOOHOOO.

If you pray please pray that insurance does what it should and pray for the first surgery.

and Second for if the Lady decides to go somewhere else. It would still be a good thing because she would still get the surgery done.


Vacation Post!!

Vacation posts are going to take a little bit more time since my computer crashed last week and I have to find the CD's that have the video's and Pictures on them.

Babies, Babies everywhere!!!

Most of my friends are of the older Variety and I love them. 3 of my very good friends' all turned 41 this year. 2 of them have birthday's in March they are 6 days apart. Back in January my friend J called to tell me her just turned 16 y/o daughter was pregnant and due Sept. 13th. She had Mixed feelings for good reason. The Baby daddy planned to be and I'm happy to say he still is. She is about to have her daughter this Friday and for the most part we are all super excited but also very scared for her. I cannot wait to hold Little "L".

Yesterday after work I checked my facebook to find out my friend "D" who's birthday is 6 day's after D is going to be a grandma, too. Her daughter is 19 and engaged so a little better situation. Her due is May 1st. They are excited to be grandparents today. D and J are both married but we are all close so its exciting. No I will not be a grandparent any time soon since my kids are 10 and 6.

I'm so excited there are Baby eerywhere. And I'm happy for the Duggars and #19 good for them.