Monday, June 23, 2008

another didn't go has planned day!!!!

We cleaned the house this morning because it was driving me crazy. The boys room still need to be done but can do tomorrow evening after movie and bowling(long day tomorrow). I made an appt. for the little one to see someone about him still coughing after being on meds almost 2 weeks. we went at 215. they ended up doing a CT scan and like that we have an answer the little one has a sinis infection. so he is on a round of biotics and a steroid. He is on a total of 7 meds right now and will be until friday. then hopefully will be bumped down to his reg 3. So then we had to go get th RX filled and shop. I decided that we should go have dinner with grandma,so we did. Me and her had Chinese and the boys taco bell. We leave there to go put gas in the car. at the gas station I earned worst mother of the year award. the big one went to hand me keys and I shut the door on his fingers accidently. it was bad and he couldn't move them so off to ER we went. Thankfully they are not broken just badly bruised and will be sore the next couple days. I have a headache. I am going to finish reading some blogs and go to bed. long day a head of us. And one of the charges came by with money this morning that was a nice surprise.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Police and my house

is that not scary! I am a good christian so it didn't have anything to do with me. The big one went to the bathroom and came back and said there were red and blue lights. so I went to investigate. Oh there shining right into my living room window. I go into their room to get a closer look and I hear the police yell. get down then some tasering (sp?). When I can see because of all the cops and stuff there is a guy on the Ground right next to my car, in between my car and my neighbors. and it gets better. right in front, if I walked out I would have hit it, of my door is a motorcycle. by the end there were 7 cop cars and 1 ambulance. My kids are scared and I was curious I called the non emergency line and find out it for a routine traffic stop. IF that was routine I hate to see what a hostile one is lol.


this is pasted from my other board. this is a major vent with spelling erros because i'm too tired to correct them. I don't know what to do anymore. I do everything the doctors tell me to do for kellen. He started getting his asthma cough a week this past thursday. friday I took my mom his breathing machine and we started it. so he was on 3 meds and his machine. wednesday he was still coughing so I took him in. told me I was doing what I was suppose and added another med. a steroid. so up to 4 meds and his machine. Yesterday he was still coughing like the meds hadn't even touched it, so I called the on call NP, and she added another med and said that if he was still coughing that he needed to be seen. well we had his machine at 9 and from 545 he has been coughing alot and I guess it just got to me. He also had blood work done on friday for alergies. something at my moms triggers(sp?) his asthma. I'm afraid that he won't be able to go to school. he is only 32 lbs and on 6 different meds. how much can his little body take. I have already looked into homeschooling stuff in case he can't go to school. I am going to let him go, but if he misses more then he goes because he is sick it wouldn't be worth it. I'm trying I'm sorry i'm doing this again. thanks if you made it this far

monthly mom's night out

Once a month me and some friends from church go to dinner a movie. We have been doing this since march. It started out 2 of my best friends(d and J) are exactly 6 days a part and were both turning 40. wow. I asked them what they wanted and they bto go to both said dinner and possible a movie and monthly mom's night out was born. the first time we went to see P.S I love you, then bob evans. we had such a good time that we said we should do it every month and we have. In april, me and J(D was sick poor thing it was a long sickness) went to Ihop, then some friends met us and we saw 27 dresses(very funny). in may, it was just me and J(D's daughter had porm). Tonight we went to a local restaurant Atz's (very good and cheap(only 4.10). then we headed to wally world for snacks, then went to see Baby Mama(funny, funny, funny). tonights was very cheap has D has tickets from a while ago(they had been watching a movie and the film broke so they got free tickets). we always so to a dollar movie, we are trying to branch out for dinner and have thought about maybe going to bowling. Crazy pins has ladies night on wednesday. In august is my birthday month, so I get to pick I'm thinking either mexican or chinese. oh we also went to a "toy"store and I got a new one lol. Is it bad if you become on a first name basis with them? lol

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Had a really good friday!!

We chilled friday morning. I had an appt from 2-3. when I got we ran some errands. The little one had to have blood work done, he did so well. He only said owwowwoww(sp?). The older one kept making faces at him so that helped. Then I had to go get money from my mother because people can't pay like they should. urg. Then we went to the park with some friends from cafemom. we had never been there before but it was so much fun. we were there for 3 hours. then we went to eat and the service was horrible and the big kid had additude. the little one came home,did meds and fell asleep with his glasses on. The big one thinks he is an adult and keep staying up until midnight. urg I cannot wait until he is in MO. which he still doesn't know about and its funny as H-E-double sticks. tonight is my monthly moms group we are going to see Baby mama I am so wearing a pad its suppose to be seriously funny, and since kids I have had little control in that area.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

people make me mad!!

I watch children out of my home so I can stay home with my children. We are getting ready to move so I told this one mother that I would no longer be able to watch her children because After school starts I'm going to have to get a job(maybe, will have to see how the little one does, might hav to homschool). ok back on subject, She wnt out of town to gt her oldst son for the summer and said I'll call you when we get back. she was only gone a week. I have being calling since tuesday with no response. she just makes me so mad. Then I started watching some others kids everything is going ok. I was told the dad is paid tomorrow and that is when i'll get paid no problem. I called the mom today for something to find out that they are going out of town and won't be back until sunday. I told her I had plans this weekend that I needed the money for and she promised they would stop by before they left town to pay me I was here all evening and they never stopped by. urg just makes me so mad. Then I watch another little girl no problems there jsut I don't watch her enough because she is a cutie patootie(sp?). wish all people were like her mom pays everytime I watch her. but that is life

Good day!!!

we are having a good day. we are still pajamas clean up the house going to put in a load of laundry the kids are getting along there have been NO FIGHTS. thats a plus. lol plus he called again man I'm lucky. We are just friends but the Bitch gets jealous just for talking lol. some women just need to get a clue. I don't mess with married men or men who are involved. me and him have been friends for close to 10 years and she needs to get over it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I ended up having to take the small one to the doctors. Since last thursday he has had his asthma cough. it was dry in the last day or so it has turned wet and he has been sniffling. they got him in today(they rock). They did the usual questions and breathing thing. he stats were only 77 last time they were in 90's normal is above 80. so they upped all his med so that meant another Rx run to meijers. and they tried to draw blood they poked him but didn't get anything so tomorrow he has to drink lots of water and I have to take him back to get poked again. when they came in he ran behind he brother then wonldn't let go of the armrest I had to pry his little fingers off of it. he did really good taking his 5 meds tonight yep he is now up to 5 poor thing. I have been thinking of homeschooling just because I dont' thing his little body can handle all the germs and such. we shall see. if he gets sick too much I will take him out because really what is he learning if he can't be there because he is sick. and the poor kid has been looking forward to this for a awhile.


every summer regal shows free movies on tuesday and wednesday. Since we missed yesterday we went today and saw The Bee Movie and it was so cute. it not quiet as there are a lot of kids but its still cool to see free movies. next week is Happy Feet and Mr. Magoruim's wonder Emporium I think we will go both days.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Church Voters' meeting

So today we had a voters' meeting. or I should say tonight. Man it waxs 3 and a half hours long. the children were not happy, but they did do well since there was no babysitting and they were the only ones'. there was 6 things on the list tonight and 2 of them were hot topics. the first one being should we use the endowment fund. the vote was yes after and hour and a half. the other issue which I take interest in since my kids go to the school. schould the school stay open or should it close. I say open but thats me. so they have a 200 per student enrollment, tution went up 225 and i'm going to have 2 kids there next year. I may start to home school

so today didn't go has planned!!

We did go to my mom's but thats about it. my dad wanted to take the kids to chuck e cheeses' I said how about putt-putt(mini-golf). Then we decided on bowling. We have a great bowling center called crazy pinz. It 3 bowling area's, a mini-gold, arcade area. 3 food places. the place is huge and 2 stories. it was 2fer tuesday so we played 2 games for 1 lol. I went to put my shoes on and they fell apart lol. I guess when you don't wear them in ages they will do that lol. So we all had to wear to their shows and my feet are still killing me. I did good the first game and won with 113. then I lost the second with i don't remember lol. but I got beat by everyone. but we had a blast. we plan to go next week. Me and my mom are goign to get new shoes. mine are going to be white with pink lighting that glow in black lighting. and my moms are going to be black with the toe and tongue hot pink. The kids want to join leagues and I think they would do very well. They have one league that is like 20 somthing a week at the end they get a ball and a big barb que. will have to look into that. here is the website for crazy pinz.

some tidbits

The plans for today are!

Taking a shower
Putting clothers away
the small one taking his meds(its becomign such a fight)
Going to my moms to print some things
coming home and working on seam ripping since I didn't get any more done yesterday
I have no clue if I will have any of the kids later, we shall see

going to go for now

oh I managed to get every picked up jsut not sorted out. will do that when the big one is gone. 13 days until my baby leaves

Monday, June 16, 2008

HAA my house!

My house looks like a bomb went off and it wasn't the kids fault. I needed something for an appointment. thankfully its almost picked up. Since we are moving I thought this would be a good time to go thur things I already have half a trash bag filled. off to go thur things again.

how is it?

How is it the kids can be home less then 24 hours and my hosue looks like a bomb exploded seriously. I am not a maid.

Oh and he called which is big since it was in the afternoon and we know he hates using his minutes. he does love me.

Is it time for school yet?

we are in the second week of school being out and I'm ready for them to go back. the fighting a whining I can't take it. I think if weather permits we might go mini-golf but I dare not tell them they will hound me then I won't want to go.

its started out good!

Today I worked on a quilt that I completely messed up. I had to seam rip the whole thing. I am half-way done. I should be done with it today and get the 4 quilts out tomorrow since I have been working on them for 2 months. And the little one doesn't feel good today which is to be expected he hasn't been "really"sick in awhile. He has had all 3 of his 4 meds, 1 he takes later. and the joys of summer the big one asked what I wanted for breaskfast. I LOVE SUMMER!


Today was a good father's day. The boys has been at my parents house since tuesday. my parents and the kids met me at church. The service was weird today, it was half in spanish/half in english. The spanish pastor, a member of our congregtation, and the kindergarden's husband all we being blessed today has they have taking call's to different churches. After church we stopped at the house I'm in too to show my parents and they liked it. Its a cute little house right across from church/school and has a basement. After that we went to RedRobin for lunch. It was good and the Mai Tai was very good but I have been burping up Vodka ever since. Both the kids got grandpa mickey coffee mugs that he loved and were neat. And I got him a mickey t-shirt. See a theme? After that we took my dad home and and stopped at linen n' things for sheets for the boys bed. Found sheets just have to find money now. off to bed.

the big one is going to Missouri in 2 weeks and he doesn't now it lol. Can't wait.


I am going to try this blog thing. I am a single mom of 2 boys ages 9 and 5. my youngest has a lot of health problems on top of being a dwarf. I stay at home and watch kids plus I sell quilts. I don't know how this will work out so I'm going to try. I'm seeing this as vent place and a way to get things out. happy reading