Saturday, February 28, 2009

of course!

Of course because I have to be up at the butt crack of damn, means I can't sleep now urg. I was asleep and now I can't. Today is going to be a long long day.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Chess Tournament this weekend!!!

We are going to be out of town this weekend. We have to be up at the butt crack of dawn. 6AM. We will be staying in a hotel tomorrow and then be back sometime sunday. Thankfully the hotel has wireless internet. but the kid will probably want to go to the pool. since its cold as heck and they can swim my little fish. so we going to bed very early so I can stay awake and drive the hour and a half lol.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dinner was good.

I loved it. The big one didn't touch it so he didn't eat didn't. the small one ate if I fed it to him. urg. I am so tired of them not eating. I am damn good stuff. urg. I use to sell pampered chef I love to cook. what is wrong with my children.

mom2kmjx2 needs!!

I have seen this on other blogs and thought it would be fun. Of course I used my real name but I'm not comfy using it. So here it going mom2kmjx2 needs.

1. mom2kmjx2 needs a boob job
yes yes I do, I hate having this watermelons on my chest.

2. mom2kmjx2 needs to shop 'til she drops
I would love to if I had the money

3. mom2kmjx2 needs a new computer
actually no I don't mine is a little over a year, and the boys' a little over 2.

4. mom2kmjx2 needs a drummer on Myspace Music
maybe if I had a band

5. mom2kmjx2 needs photoshop
Yes I would I would love it

6. mom2kmjx2 needs a good meal
actually I am getting it tonight homemade Chicken&Noodles.

7. mom2kmjx2 needs a husband.
I would love a husband and more gets.

8. mom2kmjx2 needs to live in the NOW.
I try I really do.

9. mom2kmjx2 needs an Urban Love Nest.
not sure what that is.

10. mom2kmjx2 needs to lay off the botox.
I'm insulted everything on me is natural, thank you very much. lol

Whats for dinner!!

Today for dinner I am making homemade chicken and noodles. Man I'm hungry, When's Dinner?

What are you having for dinner?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

can anyone see it?

My front page that is? I don't know if it me or blogger but i'm not seeing any of my post on the front page. I hope its just me?

UPDATE: weird right after I posted this everything was fine. weird

Ash Wednesday!!!

To today is Ash Wednesday the start of lent, which I'm sre every one knows. We went to church this morning but there is lentus dinner of course it;s scalloped potatoes and ham(yucky, big time none of us will eat it) then I have handbells, and since we went to church this morning we will be home after. this year I hae given up All soda, I was noticeing even thou I hardly drink caffiended soda I have been drinking alot more of it. so for 40 days I will not have any for forty days.

(Almost)Wordless Wednesday!

AHH!! They do love each other.

Monday, February 23, 2009

comments and New York!!

I'm not asking for them. I am afraid to give them. I want to give them. I want to say congrats when something great happens and want them to know i'm crying with them, but I'm afraid. Even on a board that I have been on for years(6) I still am afraid and some of them I have met in person, ok 1, but still lol. We have gone private and I have tried with all my might( and I hope it looks like it) to do better with posting. I am afriad I don't come off with the right feeling if that makes sense. even in real life I am always going away from a convo saying crap why did I say that, I hope they know what I mean. I am the ackward nerd in the room.

and in other news I just checked my google thingy lol and i'm popular in New York which rocks becuase I will go to a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade before I die. and also thanks to Cali. (I was raised in San Diego), Kansas( been thou there), Mass, Colo.(been thou there, Penn.(been thou there) , Loui., Wyo(been thou there, Got 2 freaking tickets).. Nevada,(love vegas and the M&M's and Coca Cola store) Fl(going to disneyworld in July), and Ari(been thou there).

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back From bowling!!

We had a blast but my back is killing me. I scored 66 and 96. I have already taken meds so I can sleep tonight. But it was so much fun, but teenagers can be a pain. I told the youth director we were going to become youth and she said that's fine lol. It was nice to see so many youth when our church is going thur so much turmoil. The kids had a blast so I think we might so doing more things with them. My oldest just turned 10 so he can get away with it. Even more so if our school goes together with 3 other churches. Must get off and get kids in bed.

Call the NEWSPAPER!!!!

Me, mom2kmjx2, is getting out of the house for longer then an hour lol. We are going bowling with our church youth group. The boys' can't wait. I have my shoes and a cute outfit to sport. So I will let you all know how we do when we get back.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just something I like to do

Its stupid but I like to look up the actors and actresses of a movie while i am watching it. I tend to enjoy more. weird I know lol. Right now I am watching Msytic Pizza. Its the 4th movie I have watched today.

Monthly moms' night out cancelled!!

I am bummed we are not going out tonight because most people ended up having other plans. And it snowed and is snowing so we are not going anywhere. Next weekend we will be gone all weekend. The boys' have a weekend long chess tournament. We will be leaving right after school on friday and be back sunday night. Right now me and the big one are watching Fool's gold, then I am going to watch the secret life of bee's. Tomorrow I am going to go get a paper for te coupons and start using them again. I may look into having it delivered again. I don't read the paper but love the coupons lol.

Friday, February 20, 2009

a funny convo with the small one

small one: (out of nowhere) I don't want this carseat anymore
Me: ok, that was our of nowhere, why do you not want that carseat anymore?
small one: Because I got it when I was 4 and i'm 5 now.
Me: well, honey You have to be in a carseat until you are at least 7 years and 80 lbs. So lets do the math.
small one: ok
Me: you are less then 2 years to being 8 and weight 35 lbs. So that means you have to gain 45 lbs before your 8th birthday. Do you think you can do it?
small one: NO
Me: i'm sorry sweety, I think your going to be in a carseat until you are in college. (as he goes and pouts) lol.

i'm a very boring housemom!!!

Can you tell? I have only left my house for less then 2 hours this week. Not because I couldn't because I didn't want to lol. it was very nice to just get up and pick up house. I have for the first time since before our surgery(dec. 23rd) got caught up on laundry. And I got caught up on dishes since our water heater went out and I couldn't do dishes.

They are saying we are suppose to get 2-4 inches of snow by noon tomorrow. I am suppose to go out with my mom's group so I hope I can go. I will be taking the boys to my mom's and picking them up after since lately my parents haven't wanted to go to church and not going to church is not an option in this house unless you are sick. wich was the big one a couple weeks ago. And he was upset he wasn't able to go.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

(almost) wordless Wednesday

Me and my Best friend Xmas 2007

I still feel like crap!!!

I still feel like crap, I have a headache today. And my water heater went out monday night. I got a new one yesterday and it was so nice to take a relaxing clear hot bath then a shower right after lol. I guess I took those for granted at the apt. This house is old but I thankful That I have a great landlord. I feel bad for him because I have heard stories of the people renting out his other house. They are not taking care of it. I think(I know lol) he is thankful he waited for 4 months until I could move and that is right across the street the boys' school. Time to go play Pogo and work on a badge until the boys come home.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

i'm sick enough said!!

I'm sick on valentines day(doesn't really mean anything in this house). I started feeling yucky yesterday. back in december I had (and my baby) had sinius surgery. and less then 2 months and now i have a sinius infection urg. so I got a neti pot and man was that weird. so the pressure is killing me and I am achy nad life sucks because all I asked from Moron was to know he cares, a text would have been nice nut nothing, and its 430 so I think that isn't going to happen. I am going to make dinner but we all know even when mom is sick she jnust can't sleep like she wants to.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So comcast sucks, I fell, and The big one turned 10!!!

So the reason I was without cable, phone, and Internet was because I had been fighting with comcast since we moved but the actual fighting didn't start until November. for 2-3 days a week until 2 and a half weeks ago I had been on the phone with them trying to figure why i was behind or in some cases wasn't because they were not sure. One person would say i wasn't and others would say i was. so after 3 months and 3 turn offs I said I'm done. up until yesterday we had TV just basic but I could watch Grey's which is the only reason for living except my kids of course lol.

A week ago this past Saturday i fell from the top of my basement stairs to the bottom about 10 stairs. I stepped off the first step and that was all she wrote. I tried to grab something and cut my hand, but it slowed me down to where I didn't hit the bottom basement wall as hard as I would have which I think saved me from something worse happening. I got right up and walked up the stairs. I cut my hand and very nasty bruise on my entire thigh and around back. one of my butt and jotted ones going up my arm. I am still sore and my shoulder is still sore. But I am very grateful that is wasn't as bad as it could have been.

and last but not least i have been a mom for a decade. I still can't believe it but man I love him. He had a great birthday and got alot of wanted he wanted. He had it at Laser X. He had 10 friends there and we had pizza and cake. When we were going home they were making plans to go again lol. it was nice for parents too. they would go play laser tag and the parents could talk in semi peace and quiet. So wow I'm so glad we have made it this far. Even with the bad days.

i'm back!!

I am back and will update more later. have shows to catch up on.