Sunday, July 27, 2008

mom's night out for july!!1

It was awesome!!!! We went to Bob Evans then went to see Made of Honor. It was so funny. Next month is on my birthday we will be going to Banditos not sure the movie cause we won't know until a couple days before hand. I am trying to get a big big group and so far it is working. Of to go watch Hannah Montana with my boys.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

my baby boy is home!!

The big one came home yesterday and Oh man I missed him. Today we went bowling and got almost 2,000 tickets. Crazy pins is a bad place lol.

I had to go back to the doctors for an ER visit. My back is still killing me and i'm thinking the bowling didn't help, but I kicked butt and got a 111 today and that was with a hurting back. My doctor sent me to x-rays and said something about a broken back. WTH? I have had 3 vicodins,1 flexrall and one IBpohin and i'm still in pain and my house is trashed and I can't clean it urg.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

another update on my and my concussion!!!

I ended up going to the ER tonight after church. I could barely walk by the time church was over. I went a swaped cars with my mom and heading to the ER. They gave me a shot of something that hurt like Hell. They also gave me scrips for Vicodin,flexall and IBophen(sp?).

Friday, July 11, 2008

update on me!!

I still have a headache. And my back still hurts. if I still have a headache on monday I am suppose to go in.

busy day and concussion for mom!!!

Day started out well. the small one had a doctor appt. where they changed all but one of his meds but he is done to 4 instead of 6 or 7 he has had. then when went to get one of the little ones I watch. Went to my mom's because my dad is going to San Diego on saturday fte of time. r 10 days, so we went over there for dinner before he left. I had the hairbrain idea of goign swimming. he got changed and my dad said to go get one for the back yard. that was a waste of time. after about 3 hours we ended up taking it down. so we went to the community pool instead, it was nice not 2 many people and it had cooled down since it was after 7. My dad had gone to get the small ones meds and came back to talk to me since they didn't fill all of them and one they only gave 3 days worth I don't understand that part will call tomorrow to find out what happen. So I was talking to dad when the small one wanted to jump in the pool and I wasn't paying attention and he jumped on my head hard. Right away I started to have a head and still do. I thought he broke my nose cause it hurt so bad. since then i'm moving slow because I have a headache and my neck and back hurt. my mom wants me to wake me up every 2 hours but the thing is what is i can't wake myself up. I am kind of curious about that one.

2 days and a wake up until i the big one up. I miss him so much and he is haven't a blast.

Monday, July 7, 2008

random stuff

I haven't updated in awhile because i have been kinda depressed with the big one gone. He was so surprised that we had been planning for him to go all along and had kept telling him no. He is having a blast and doesn't want to talk to me which makes me very sad. I forgot to go pay my rent on thursday so I have to do that today. on saturday at one point I had 7 kids in this 2 bedroom apartment. it was crazy. we foudn ou tthe little one has allergies. which we knew all along but the skin test didn't show any. he is allergic to dustmites(we knew), cats and dogs, Egg Whites(really bad), peanuts, and wheat. Did you know wheat is in pretty much everything. I went to the store yesterday to find out I ddin't get my food stamps. I am so pissed since I went down there in the the middle of the month and did everything I was suppose to so now I have to call and bitch them out. I am going to finish some quilts today, If its the last thing I do. I am getting a group of us to go see the comedian Jeff Dunham. He is coming to muncie which is about 45 minutes from here. I can't wait to go my sister says he is so worth is. I need to get the little one up and get him his meds so we can go run some errands. he was around dogs and cats and had pizza yesterday It soudn like he's asthma is acting up today. I have been keeping him away but sometimes its is hard. He also had cake I feel like such a bad mom right now, but i'm trying. he would not have been able to have anything because all there was was cake. and this is all new to us.