Friday, July 11, 2008

busy day and concussion for mom!!!

Day started out well. the small one had a doctor appt. where they changed all but one of his meds but he is done to 4 instead of 6 or 7 he has had. then when went to get one of the little ones I watch. Went to my mom's because my dad is going to San Diego on saturday fte of time. r 10 days, so we went over there for dinner before he left. I had the hairbrain idea of goign swimming. he got changed and my dad said to go get one for the back yard. that was a waste of time. after about 3 hours we ended up taking it down. so we went to the community pool instead, it was nice not 2 many people and it had cooled down since it was after 7. My dad had gone to get the small ones meds and came back to talk to me since they didn't fill all of them and one they only gave 3 days worth I don't understand that part will call tomorrow to find out what happen. So I was talking to dad when the small one wanted to jump in the pool and I wasn't paying attention and he jumped on my head hard. Right away I started to have a head and still do. I thought he broke my nose cause it hurt so bad. since then i'm moving slow because I have a headache and my neck and back hurt. my mom wants me to wake me up every 2 hours but the thing is what is i can't wake myself up. I am kind of curious about that one.

2 days and a wake up until i the big one up. I miss him so much and he is haven't a blast.