Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cancer Sucks!!!

While I was away on Vacation a friend of mine's ex-husband(got that) was diagnosed with Colon and Liver Cancer. When they did the surgery they removed over 100 Polyps only 2 were cancerous. They also found 2 spots on his Liver. When he went back they told him the cancer was in stage 4 and 15 % survival rate. He lives for his boys 6th grade and freshmen. He hasn't been able to start chemo yet because his incision hasn't completely healed from surgery, and he is trying to get some more opinions. Today there was a benefit for him and we went to it. I had not seen him since mid-June and holy moly the changes. I am just going to keep praying to God for a miracle and healing, If you pray please do the same. As the kids' were off playing(all 4 of them) and the adults talked. The place was packed. Cancer Sucks.