Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Weekend!

This weekend is jam packed. Today we are going to a benefit for a friend who is battling stage 4 Colon and Liver Cancer. Then tomorrow is Church and dinner with friends for my birthday, while the boys' go to a school skating party.

The boys' have been in school for a week and a half. They love it. The Big One is in 5 th grade but is taking 6th grade math. His teacher said she would put him in 8th grade reading if she could. He is also doing soccer which is kicking his butt, band, then basketball, and track. Heard there is going to be a chess Club so that too.

The Small one' is in 1st and loves and he is so cute in his uniform. Just trying to get him to do homework has been a little bit of a pain, but we have been so busy too.

The Big One' is already dealing with girl issues' geez louis'. He has had a girlfriend for almost 5 years next month. she is in 8th grade and I love her. Now a week and half into school and he was told that this other girl likes him and he says he thinks he likes her too. Oh my its already starting.