Monday, February 23, 2009

comments and New York!!

I'm not asking for them. I am afraid to give them. I want to give them. I want to say congrats when something great happens and want them to know i'm crying with them, but I'm afraid. Even on a board that I have been on for years(6) I still am afraid and some of them I have met in person, ok 1, but still lol. We have gone private and I have tried with all my might( and I hope it looks like it) to do better with posting. I am afriad I don't come off with the right feeling if that makes sense. even in real life I am always going away from a convo saying crap why did I say that, I hope they know what I mean. I am the ackward nerd in the room.

and in other news I just checked my google thingy lol and i'm popular in New York which rocks becuase I will go to a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade before I die. and also thanks to Cali. (I was raised in San Diego), Kansas( been thou there), Mass, Colo.(been thou there, Penn.(been thou there) , Loui., Wyo(been thou there, Got 2 freaking tickets).. Nevada,(love vegas and the M&M's and Coca Cola store) Fl(going to disneyworld in July), and Ari(been thou there).