Thursday, February 26, 2009

mom2kmjx2 needs!!

I have seen this on other blogs and thought it would be fun. Of course I used my real name but I'm not comfy using it. So here it going mom2kmjx2 needs.

1. mom2kmjx2 needs a boob job
yes yes I do, I hate having this watermelons on my chest.

2. mom2kmjx2 needs to shop 'til she drops
I would love to if I had the money

3. mom2kmjx2 needs a new computer
actually no I don't mine is a little over a year, and the boys' a little over 2.

4. mom2kmjx2 needs a drummer on Myspace Music
maybe if I had a band

5. mom2kmjx2 needs photoshop
Yes I would I would love it

6. mom2kmjx2 needs a good meal
actually I am getting it tonight homemade Chicken&Noodles.

7. mom2kmjx2 needs a husband.
I would love a husband and more gets.

8. mom2kmjx2 needs to live in the NOW.
I try I really do.

9. mom2kmjx2 needs an Urban Love Nest.
not sure what that is.

10. mom2kmjx2 needs to lay off the botox.
I'm insulted everything on me is natural, thank you very much. lol