Saturday, January 17, 2009

busy and cold week

It got to -15 with a wind chill of -33, so it was very very cold(to say the least). I love the cold I have no problems with it except the ice, I don't like the ICE. The think is we just moved in Sept to a very old house and it has no installation, so it gets even more cold in the house. So I don't want to do house work because the only room that is nice and cozy is my room that has plastic over the windows and a portable heater lol. The maintenance man came last night to help me with the plastic and is coming to find out what is wrong with the furnace. It works but not like it should. I have the thermostat set to 82 and its only 50 in the house. The busy part has been the basketball tournament the big one has been in this weekend. Thankfully it is very local as in 10 minutes away, but has taken then homebody out of her house. They played 1 game yesterday and won 41-21. Today they played 2 games the first game they played they won 50-something to 30-something. then they played again and didn't do so hot. but only lost by 11 so we will get them again tomorrow. They play again at 1 and they have played both teams. Oh its double-elimination, If they win again tomorrow they will play the team they lost to today. So lets pray they win WOOOHOOO. Did I forget to mention its life service at church tomorrow and the kids are leading. The kids that are on the team have to leave a little early to go to the tournament. So tomorrow will be another busy day, as will Monday since we are going to toboggan woohooo lol.