Saturday, January 10, 2009

just feel blah!!

Since the New Year I have felt blah. I don't want to do anything. no dishes which are the bain of my exsitence. laundry( but I have kept up on), house work. Today I would really like to take the tree down and stuff. I think I am going to go turn on the music and get on some kids butts to help me. but really its saturday and won't it be there monday. but then I think if we wait until then. The big one has a basketball game monday AND tuesday, cub scouts monday, I have my quilting bible study tuesday. wednesday we have the rock. thursday Oh i'm free. friday starts a 3 day basketball tourney. hmm I guess I will get off my A** and go start or it will still be up 2 weeks from now when I will actually be able to get to it.