Monday, July 9, 2012

Jellyfish in a bottle

Once again pinterest has come though for me. I have the girls this week and next. I watch them while there dad has them but he hs to work so I get the joys of having a 2(almost 3 on July 18th) and 4 y.o. Since I  knew I wasn't going to have a car and with the temps  I knew I was going to need projexts to keeps them and I busy. so today we did Jellyfish in a bottle from bhoomplay's Blog(this is the english version). They are a hit. Here are M and J with there own Jellies.
All ready to go

Our "jellyfish"

They can't wait to finish. They love thier Jellies

About to make thier water

J got a little happy with the color while M's didnt want to come out lol

1 of the Jellies

They are done. They love them