Monday, July 30, 2012

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

So the girls who I love and miss even though we had been at the Zoo for 6 hours still wanted to do Sidewalk paint. it was an easy recipe so I said sure even though I was dog tired. But I needed to stay awake until they left anyway and then I think I slept til the next day lol. It was another pinterest recipe and I made it today and another day and all the kids loved and my sidewalk was very pretty until it rained, so for a while lol.

Just cornstach and watch

now pretty colors

and away they go

E doing his own thing. I forgot what he put but it was funny

all the littles painting

J working on her monster

E painting his show. thank goodness they are Crocs and washable crazy kid

Hum you have something on your face, small One

In his hair. now you know they had fun

he did have fun even with that face