Sunday, July 1, 2012

Misc. things

I added comment Luv so please leave me some Love. People are loking but not ommenting hoping this will help with that. please

Today I had to take my moms car back so my dad could go to church tomorrow and then after work she will come pick me up. we will go swimming, probably dinner, then go home. I have the best parents for them to let me use one of thier cars aand the better car at until everything gets settled and I get my Van. So Yesterday we had a BAD storm with Tornadoes come though. The boys and I were down in Indy and still got hit. come back into town was crazy. Billboards, signs, trees down. a roof with no shingles. just crazy. 8 of the lights we caught on the way home only 2 worked. So today driving though town was crazy tress BIG trees  down on houses cars. more lights dont work then work. fences. and we till managed to get in 2 geochallenges lol. I will post pitures when I find then. I needed to get them off my phoo