Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lava Lamps- 7/10/12

Sorry this is a day late and I hope to get the other 2 posts up today. I started watching my sweet girls 2 and 4 this week. They get here about 730 and leave at 5. I love them but I love nap time more lol. They are the sweetest girls I have ever watched but need to be entertained the whole time. so its tiring. then On top Monday The small one had a Play for the summer clubhouse is went to. which ended today. will write a post about that.

So lava lamps yesterday. I had 5 kids ranging in age for 2 to 11 and they all loved them so this is a big hit with all ages. I got the idea from Pinterest but the original came from slsmithphotography (really need to check her out awesome stuff. o here is our version of Lava Lamps. Pic Over I had 5 kids doing lol.

All our ingredients, water, veggie oil, 5 water bottles,blue,yellow,red, black,and green food coloring and Alka Seltzer 1 tab for each bottle.

all the kids with their bottle half full with oil

Then I finished the other half with water.

then the colors A(girl) picked red and E picked green

The Small One Helping M put her red in

E helping J put green in hers

I think we are looking at the red in there. lol

Not sure what j is doing waiting
Playing around like always

A's ready to go

Then I broke up a piece of Alka Seltzer in 4 and they dropped them in one at a time.
look at those bottles go.

cool green bubble for J

cool red bubbles for M

they turned out great

all this one of A's

E wanted to keep putting alka seltzer in lol

J saying look at mine its awesome

and they are done. they loved and still were playing with them today.

I had 5 colors to choose from and only picked green and red so it was christmasy lol

I will be doing this again as I have kids rotate in and out. Wednesday was awesome day with Zoo and making sidewalk Chalk Paint. Going to try and get that post of before I fall asleep lol.