Saturday, June 30, 2012

Geocaching-crazy style

Haven't had time to Craft but I have been able to Cache and we are getting the hang of it. we have Hit milestones 10 and 15 over the last 2 days. So pics of out caches is what you get plus a story.

The other night we went out caching and went to this easy one, but there were Muggles(people who dont cache) and lots of them. and we are advists to be careful around them cause they cause not be nice about it or join but we like to just keep it low key. So we decided to move on so we tried 3 others that night to no avail. 1/5 it was a bad night. So the last on we were doing the kids were looking and this lady walks up and asked what we were doing. I said just looking around. when muggles do show up we act like we are home schooling. but what she said next I was seeing RED. Oh I thought you were some burmese teenagers messing with it. wow rude much. I said no just looking at the different pipes. and she left pictures from the 1 find that night which was the 1st one so it turned out to be a bad night, and Just found no picture of that one. grr.

So last night after my Grandmas 81st Birthday Dinner, I told the kids we were stopping to check the one that had too many people, yeah only 2 people and they were leaving. so we starting looking, someone would walk by and I would ask the boys' questions hehe. Then this man jumps out of a van and yells "Geocachers" I nodded my head and he says awesome. This one was aruond the corner from my hotel but I only have 1% on my phone. So we start comparing where it could be. And The Big One looks up and says wow there is a fire starting in the ballpark. We look up and there is Black smoke just moving. It was like aI could see the internal wheels going on in his brain. I want to stay and look, I want to go check out the fire. The fire won. He says I am going to go check that out and then Ill be right back. I said Ok. Then The Big One took off to go check it out.(it wasnt the ballfield it was just on the other side, 3 houses and a poor pup didnt make it out why beause of fireworks). So we kept looking and found it. Woohoo Number 10.

WOOHOO number 10

So then we wait to see if this guy comes back and when we doesn't The Big One wants to go see the fire so we start to drive over there and who do we see. Yep our friend he got sidetracked lol Im surprised lol. He told us that taking our pic in front of Honest Abe was a challenge. Just take a pic with your favortie things and post it. So he took Ours and we took his. 

Me with Vera Bradley and kids, the Big One with a book and The Small One said Me and God. Aww

So then I was able to pick his brain. awesome. I felt better about Geocaching since we were having such not good time finding them lol. then we took each others picks for fun and he did a magic trick(he is a comedian,magician, and something else) His card is him wearing many hats. and away we went.

He is kinda cute lol.

So we went to check the fire that was still going and couldn't get close enough. I said there is one more cache this way. We get there the kids go run after a bunny and I walked up and found it and was done when they got back lol
I found it hahaha

Ok Ill take your guys pic too

awesome tree

It was a great geocaching night. I will put Yesterday caching in another post.