Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So today(I know I have been busylol) I called the center where I am having my Surgery and was told some good news and bad news (isn't that the way it always is). The bad news is the insurance hasn't paid for the 1st surgery of the year(yes i'm on Medicaid and they are only allowed to do 4 Gastic/lap-bands a year). So until that one is paid they can't do any more. The good news is the lady who was put in front of me in june because of said insurance is thinking of going somewhere else if she does I am again next and I could be going into the program by the end of the Month. WOOOHOOO.

If you pray please pray that insurance does what it should and pray for the first surgery.

and Second for if the Lady decides to go somewhere else. It would still be a good thing because she would still get the surgery done.