Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Stuff

This is my 99th post.

I like soccer but man its boring.

I LOVE VERA BRADLEY. I am getting a new backpack tomorrow in PURPLE PUNCH. And a Lanyard for my WORK Badge.

1 ONE week until GREY'S ANATOMY. George is NOT I REPEAT NOT dead. I refuse to believe it.

I love reading to my kids but I have a older child in a sport 20 minutes is hard to find.

How is it that the 1st grader has homework every night but Friday and the 5th grader has only had it 2 times since school started.

I feel like crap I HATE having small Sinus' because when the weather changes I ALWAYS get a Sinus' Infection. Have to call the doctor tomorrow.

Today is Wednesday, several things happen. Pogo badges come out. I have 1 done already. and Handbells. I love Handbells. I have been playing for 6 years. I have this year and next then I have to take a 2 year break because of Conformation.

This is my 99th post. I want to do something for my 100th but have no idea what.