Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Feelings

This is not how I wanted my 100th post to go but I need to get some stuff out. I love all my friends' and each one is someone I can share certain things with. I love J and her daughter N and The Princess. I think this is coming from jealously but I am upset with them. I have been working, Voluntarily working my butt off at the kids' new school in hopes that I could get hired in the extended care. I love the kids'. Now I wonder why I go there's nothing I do. They wanted to hire someone new because the last couple weeks have been crazy. So what do they do in order to give N a reason to want to be there they hired her. yea the girl that just had a baby 3 weeks ago. She has never watched all the kids' the whole time by herself. I don't do anything anymore. I loved signing the kids' in and talking to them when they first got there, I don't even get to do that anymore because N does it. She hogs it like nobodies business. I left early today because I was going to cry. It was something I looked forward to and now I don't.

i was also talking to another friend about some things and she told me I was ridiculous. And I needed to stop OK yes I was being I don't know but they are my feelings, I can't help them. I feel better getting this out. I think. Now I am going to take the Boys' to a doctor appt. then The Small One to my mom's and The Big One is having 3 friends spend the night tomorrow oh yea me.

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Jacki said...

Seems like a day of rants!
I had on too! Praying things work out for you guys!