Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Babies, Babies everywhere!!!

Most of my friends are of the older Variety and I love them. 3 of my very good friends' all turned 41 this year. 2 of them have birthday's in March they are 6 days apart. Back in January my friend J called to tell me her just turned 16 y/o daughter was pregnant and due Sept. 13th. She had Mixed feelings for good reason. The Baby daddy planned to be and I'm happy to say he still is. She is about to have her daughter this Friday and for the most part we are all super excited but also very scared for her. I cannot wait to hold Little "L".

Yesterday after work I checked my facebook to find out my friend "D" who's birthday is 6 day's after D is going to be a grandma, too. Her daughter is 19 and engaged so a little better situation. Her due is May 1st. They are excited to be grandparents today. D and J are both married but we are all close so its exciting. No I will not be a grandparent any time soon since my kids are 10 and 6.

I'm so excited there are Baby eerywhere. And I'm happy for the Duggars and #19 good for them.