Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mickey Ears!!

This happened Friday but I'm still chuckling about. The Big One is 10 and at an age where everything matters'. He is on the School soccer team and does not want to do anything to be Embarassed about. We went to Disney and like tradition they got Ears with there name on them. I love them. The Big One got ones that look like Mickey's pants with his tail sticking up thur the ears. The Small One got Car ones. They keep them in the car and put them on when they get in the car. That is the backstory.

So Friday, The Big One had a Soccer game. we get in the car and he puts his Ears on and FORGETS about them. We get to the field and he gets out and go over to his team mates. I start laughing as does Mr. B next to me when all the sudden The Big One comes running back to the car and throws his hat at me and gets in the car crying. It took me 5 minutes to talk him out of the car. I told him it would be ok, if anyone said anything just say you had a great time at Disney. That didn't work. Mr. B told me he would talk to him so I went to sit down. I looked over and he was walking over to the field. Mr. B came over and we were still chuckling. He told him to take it like a man and to laugh it off like I told him, But I'm the mom what do I know.

All was fine except he would not look at me the whole game. After the game he comes over Mad as all get out. Saying he wants to punch number 29's face in a billion times. I asked why He said that everytime he would pass him #29 would say Mickey then later mouse. I told him it wasn't worth it you don't have to see him again. I asked if his teammates said anything and he said no. That's got to count for something, right.

Took me a day to talk him into wearing them again(which I'm surprised I did), but not he calls them the Ears of Shame. Poor Mickey didn't even see it coming.
The Small One's
The Big One's
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