Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big One Turns 11!!!

The Big One turns 11 today. Being he is a double digit midget I thought I would share the story, The one he will hate me for hehehe.

I hate being pregnant. I was 17 when I got pregant and 18 when I had him. From the beginning I knew I wanted him. I myself could not have an aportion or put him up for adoption. I now I was young but I was ready. I gave up everything. I use to drink, do drugs. I was bad. I would leave as soon as my parents got home from work and be home just in time for them to go to work. I would then sleep all day and plan what I was doing that night. I stopped all that when I found out I was pregnant. I just wish I could say the same for my cousin whose daughter is 6 months younger then my son.

The first 4 months were bad. I threw up all the time but I was gaining weight nicely. Then I balloned and I mean BALLONED. Overall I gained 76 lbs with him. I did find out what I was having. I was excited but I secretly wanted a girl. ( I still do). But I was happy. At the time I was a big Michael douglas fan, but I didn't want his first name to be Michael, so I made it his middle name. Pickin out the first name was a little harder and at one time Alan was considered. I didn't pick that and I found a name that I loved and fit perfectly with Michael and thats how KMJ was born.

We got everything we needed and awaited his arrival. I worked until Jan. 1999. His due date was feb. 5th but he had other plans. I remember labor starting clearly. I was walking around the mall when the contractions starting. I was with my cousin and her boyfriend. She was 3 months pregnant. I wanted him bad so I walked. That was on a Friday. On Saturday I was so uncomfortable that I ended up going to the hospital nd got sent home. GRR. same thing happened Sunday. I finally said thats it I'm going back until he is coming out. Tuesday morning. I was having some back contractions so I took a bath and they kept coming.

We get to the hospital for the 3rd time and I lost it. I told the nurse I couldnt do it anymore. This was the 3rd time I hav been here in as many days. Thankfully she felt pity on me. I got a room nd they started potacin about 1pm. and I got an epidual shortly there after. I was in heaven for the first ime in days. About 9pm I was checked and at an 8. I couldn't wait. Remember I was 18 and stupid. I had NO idea what was going to happen. I also had a low pain treshold. At about 930 I was told to start pushing. I knew this was the end and thought it would go quickly but it didnt. Starting at about 1030 I kept asking if I could stop and finishing tomorrow. They wouldn't let me. (gross coming up and TMI) since I was young and 1 of our friends was one of the nurses. She thought she would scare me by having me watch him coming out and touch his head. I remember just looking at my fingers digusted. lol.

He was born at 11:12 pm weighing 8 lbs 12 oz. 21 and half inches long. I started nursing right away and nursed him for 2 and a half years. I took to motherhood immediately. I loved it and still due.

If I could change anything it would be my age I would have waited. But I think I also have advantage of being young. I love my kids'. So there you have it the birth story of The Big One.

Happy 11th Birthday, Big One. Mommy loves you. I hope you have many more birthdays to celebrate.