Sunday, February 7, 2010

How I met the Love of my life.

Since I have time today, I am prewriting post promted by Mama M.

todays theme is How you met the love of your life. So it is.

I have loved 2 men in my life. the first 1 I lost to a drunk driver 4 days before our son turned 2 which happened to be 10 years ago on Feb. 4th. Here is our short story.

We both worked for the Padres/ Chargers at Qualcomm Studium. I worked the concession and he was one of the walk-arounds serving the people in the crowd. I was working the ground floor where the expensive seats where. My big job was to clean up the ketcup and mustard spells. Oh I know you want to be me lol. I also had to refill them to. Please don't be jealous it was a job that had to be done lol. So I had to stand out there and watch for spills and K would walk by to go to another section or to go get more food to sell. We started talking, he was a little bit older but I didn't care. We were both excited when we found out I was pregnant. He wanted kids' and loved them. He watched the players(both chargers and padres' kids') often. When I was about 5 months pregnant he went back to WV to help his mom with his Grandfather wasn't doing too good. What we didnt know is he would never make it back. He was getting ready to come back when the accident happened. I know he was gone awhile and he hated it. He's grandpa died a couple years after he did. I look at our son and Can't believe the amazing person we made.

I will save the other man I loved or still love for another day. Lucky you. lol