Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wedding Day!!

Today's' Prompt by Mama M is Wedding day. Since yesterday you learned I have never been asked to marry, you will probably be shocked to know I have never had a wedding day. HEHE BUT again I'm not bitter and I only cried at my cousin's wedding was because I was happy get it HAPPY. lol.

I would also like to thank Mama M I think this will help deal with this holiday. So on with the show. Since I have not had a wedding I will tell you about my dream wedding.

Since me and MR. will be all atwitter with love, nothing can possible go wrong. How is that so MOM2KMJx2? SOMETHING always goes wrong, it wouldn't be a wedding it something didn't go wrong? (side note: it took me 3 times to write that because this mini-laptop kept messing up). Why won't anything go wrong because we are going to Disney baby. I only want my parents, his parents(if still around, wouldn't be my dream wedding if I didn't say they were not around hehehe. I have 1 dreaded MIL(The Big One's grandma) I don't need another). So my parents and Kids'. That's it. Since I am losing all this weight I am going to wear a pretty white summer dress nothing too fancy. The colors are royal (get it royal for a princess like me lol, still reading lol)purple and silver. everyone will get their own cake. And we will have the cake for our 1 year. It will get married down by the water. all very elegant. It will be in the morning so we can play the rest of the day. the day after my parents will take the kids' back home. Mr. and I will stay for 2 weeks and play til our hearts content. We will get bride and groom mickey ears. We won't have to worry about money because he will be rich. I will finally be treated like the princess I am.

Hehe who am I kidding I will be lucky to ever get married and if I do we will probably just go down to the JOP.

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Eva Gallant said...

Sounds like a dream wedding alright. Actually, I did the whole wedding, white gown, dream honeymoon the first time and ended up divorced after 12 years. Then 4 years later, did the JP thing and now it's been 26 years.