Sunday, June 22, 2008

Police and my house

is that not scary! I am a good christian so it didn't have anything to do with me. The big one went to the bathroom and came back and said there were red and blue lights. so I went to investigate. Oh there shining right into my living room window. I go into their room to get a closer look and I hear the police yell. get down then some tasering (sp?). When I can see because of all the cops and stuff there is a guy on the Ground right next to my car, in between my car and my neighbors. and it gets better. right in front, if I walked out I would have hit it, of my door is a motorcycle. by the end there were 7 cop cars and 1 ambulance. My kids are scared and I was curious I called the non emergency line and find out it for a routine traffic stop. IF that was routine I hate to see what a hostile one is lol.