Saturday, June 21, 2008

Had a really good friday!!

We chilled friday morning. I had an appt from 2-3. when I got we ran some errands. The little one had to have blood work done, he did so well. He only said owwowwoww(sp?). The older one kept making faces at him so that helped. Then I had to go get money from my mother because people can't pay like they should. urg. Then we went to the park with some friends from cafemom. we had never been there before but it was so much fun. we were there for 3 hours. then we went to eat and the service was horrible and the big kid had additude. the little one came home,did meds and fell asleep with his glasses on. The big one thinks he is an adult and keep staying up until midnight. urg I cannot wait until he is in MO. which he still doesn't know about and its funny as H-E-double sticks. tonight is my monthly moms group we are going to see Baby mama I am so wearing a pad its suppose to be seriously funny, and since kids I have had little control in that area.