Monday, June 16, 2008


Today was a good father's day. The boys has been at my parents house since tuesday. my parents and the kids met me at church. The service was weird today, it was half in spanish/half in english. The spanish pastor, a member of our congregtation, and the kindergarden's husband all we being blessed today has they have taking call's to different churches. After church we stopped at the house I'm in too to show my parents and they liked it. Its a cute little house right across from church/school and has a basement. After that we went to RedRobin for lunch. It was good and the Mai Tai was very good but I have been burping up Vodka ever since. Both the kids got grandpa mickey coffee mugs that he loved and were neat. And I got him a mickey t-shirt. See a theme? After that we took my dad home and and stopped at linen n' things for sheets for the boys bed. Found sheets just have to find money now. off to bed.

the big one is going to Missouri in 2 weeks and he doesn't now it lol. Can't wait.