Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I ended up having to take the small one to the doctors. Since last thursday he has had his asthma cough. it was dry in the last day or so it has turned wet and he has been sniffling. they got him in today(they rock). They did the usual questions and breathing thing. he stats were only 77 last time they were in 90's normal is above 80. so they upped all his med so that meant another Rx run to meijers. and they tried to draw blood they poked him but didn't get anything so tomorrow he has to drink lots of water and I have to take him back to get poked again. when they came in he ran behind he brother then wonldn't let go of the armrest I had to pry his little fingers off of it. he did really good taking his 5 meds tonight yep he is now up to 5 poor thing. I have been thinking of homeschooling just because I dont' thing his little body can handle all the germs and such. we shall see. if he gets sick too much I will take him out because really what is he learning if he can't be there because he is sick. and the poor kid has been looking forward to this for a awhile.