Sunday, June 22, 2008

monthly mom's night out

Once a month me and some friends from church go to dinner a movie. We have been doing this since march. It started out 2 of my best friends(d and J) are exactly 6 days a part and were both turning 40. wow. I asked them what they wanted and they bto go to both said dinner and possible a movie and monthly mom's night out was born. the first time we went to see P.S I love you, then bob evans. we had such a good time that we said we should do it every month and we have. In april, me and J(D was sick poor thing it was a long sickness) went to Ihop, then some friends met us and we saw 27 dresses(very funny). in may, it was just me and J(D's daughter had porm). Tonight we went to a local restaurant Atz's (very good and cheap(only 4.10). then we headed to wally world for snacks, then went to see Baby Mama(funny, funny, funny). tonights was very cheap has D has tickets from a while ago(they had been watching a movie and the film broke so they got free tickets). we always so to a dollar movie, we are trying to branch out for dinner and have thought about maybe going to bowling. Crazy pins has ladies night on wednesday. In august is my birthday month, so I get to pick I'm thinking either mexican or chinese. oh we also went to a "toy"store and I got a new one lol. Is it bad if you become on a first name basis with them? lol