Tuesday, June 17, 2008

so today didn't go has planned!!

We did go to my mom's but thats about it. my dad wanted to take the kids to chuck e cheeses' I said how about putt-putt(mini-golf). Then we decided on bowling. We have a great bowling center called crazy pinz. It 3 bowling area's, a mini-gold, arcade area. 3 food places. the place is huge and 2 stories. it was 2fer tuesday so we played 2 games for 1 lol. I went to put my shoes on and they fell apart lol. I guess when you don't wear them in ages they will do that lol. So we all had to wear to their shows and my feet are still killing me. I did good the first game and won with 113. then I lost the second with i don't remember lol. but I got beat by everyone. but we had a blast. we plan to go next week. Me and my mom are goign to get new shoes. mine are going to be white with pink lighting that glow in black lighting. and my moms are going to be black with the toe and tongue hot pink. The kids want to join leagues and I think they would do very well. They have one league that is like 20 somthing a week at the end they get a ball and a big barb que. will have to look into that. here is the website for crazy pinz.