Monday, June 23, 2008

another didn't go has planned day!!!!

We cleaned the house this morning because it was driving me crazy. The boys room still need to be done but can do tomorrow evening after movie and bowling(long day tomorrow). I made an appt. for the little one to see someone about him still coughing after being on meds almost 2 weeks. we went at 215. they ended up doing a CT scan and like that we have an answer the little one has a sinis infection. so he is on a round of biotics and a steroid. He is on a total of 7 meds right now and will be until friday. then hopefully will be bumped down to his reg 3. So then we had to go get th RX filled and shop. I decided that we should go have dinner with grandma,so we did. Me and her had Chinese and the boys taco bell. We leave there to go put gas in the car. at the gas station I earned worst mother of the year award. the big one went to hand me keys and I shut the door on his fingers accidently. it was bad and he couldn't move them so off to ER we went. Thankfully they are not broken just badly bruised and will be sore the next couple days. I have a headache. I am going to finish reading some blogs and go to bed. long day a head of us. And one of the charges came by with money this morning that was a nice surprise.