Thursday, June 19, 2008

people make me mad!!

I watch children out of my home so I can stay home with my children. We are getting ready to move so I told this one mother that I would no longer be able to watch her children because After school starts I'm going to have to get a job(maybe, will have to see how the little one does, might hav to homschool). ok back on subject, She wnt out of town to gt her oldst son for the summer and said I'll call you when we get back. she was only gone a week. I have being calling since tuesday with no response. she just makes me so mad. Then I started watching some others kids everything is going ok. I was told the dad is paid tomorrow and that is when i'll get paid no problem. I called the mom today for something to find out that they are going out of town and won't be back until sunday. I told her I had plans this weekend that I needed the money for and she promised they would stop by before they left town to pay me I was here all evening and they never stopped by. urg just makes me so mad. Then I watch another little girl no problems there jsut I don't watch her enough because she is a cutie patootie(sp?). wish all people were like her mom pays everytime I watch her. but that is life