Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can laugh now, but not at the time!!!

I found out today 1 thing I was not expecting with living right across the street from our church/school. I was working on my tweety quilt when I looked out the window and see a cop car in the parking lot across the street. I jump up and go open the front door to see 4 more cop cars going into the parking lot. I'm trying not to freak but they get out and they are in full gear. There were a couple that would going around and looking at the doors. I called my sister to help me not go into full freak-out mode. They come back out and get the K-9's, my mind went to bombs. she told me to call the school. In the meantime people from church are still going in and out, so I start thinking he isn't that bad. at 1 point they had the dogs sniff the ground all around. I said screw it, I am going over there. so I did to find out it was for a school program. I wa so relieved. They were there to show the kids what the dogs do and to tell them to not drugs. I told the 2 teachers I talk to about what I saw and was thinking and 1 said yep maybe we should have told you so you didn't freak, you think? I am so so glad that it turned out ok. the things that went though my head. It took me awhile to calm down.