Monday, March 2, 2009

long, long weekend!!

The boys' had a chess tournament this weekend. We went down there saturday morning, stayed the night and came back yesterday. This tournament is weird they have set times for the rounds and 6 rounds. So we were at the school from about 8am until 530 saturday, then 830 to 130 sunday. After Saturday's rounds we went to get some food, went to the hotel, then went swimming. When we first got to the pool nobody was there, the hot tub was nice, but the pool was freezing. We stayed an hour. By the time we got back to the room I was not feeling well, but morning I was not doing well. I barely made it driving the hour and a half home. Within a half hour I was asleep and woke up with a headache that I still have. The boys' did not do well in the tournament. They each won 1 game and lost 5. We have another one this coming saturday so hopefully they can do better.

Tonight is a busy night, The big one has band practice, then they both have boy scouts. I'm thinking pizza for dinner lol.