Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am so proud of them

There was another Chess tournament today ok yesterday, damn time change its not 3:05 and 10 minutes ago it was 1:55. Ok back on track. The small one was team captain and won(ok tied) his last game, which for him is awesome. He has been in 4 tourny and hasn't won or tied yet. Its ok because he is still young and I don't think fully gets the concept. The big holy smokes was on fire today. It was a team tournment and the big one is 4th grade and the only one in his group so he had to move up to the 8th grade and under for team. You can move up but not down. So he played 2 rounds, because there were 6 players, so 2 kids only played 2 round each and for the big one it payed off. I hoped this helped him since he hasn't been doing so well the last soupled tournys.

On a side note I got three rows done on my tweety quilt which is big since its a queen size quilt I will post pictures laster today hopefully. I CANNOT wait until it is done.