Friday, March 6, 2009

Z-coil shoes and quilts!

Nothing like different things to talk about lol. This morning I had a doctor appt with the othro for my ankle. BS: when I was 8 and a half months pregnant with the small one, stupid me stood on a chair and came crashing down, destroying my ankle in the process. 3 years ago I had it fused because the pain was worse then child birth and I wanted to start being a mommy again instead of someone who always said no because I was in so much pain. lately the ankle has been hurting and people have been telling me,because I didn't notice, that I was turning my foot out. So off to the doctor's I go. He said everything was good but there was the start of Arthritis am I surprised H to the double Hockey sticks NO. Of course he didn't have to tell me it would only get worse lol. So he wants me to get these new shoes that are out. Z-coil shoes. They are ugly but are suppose to really work so we shall see. But holy smokes 200 thank goodness for insurance and they are covered because they are considered medical.

I am so happy about my quilting I finally got all the fabric cut for my tweety quilt now I can start sewing it.

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JOlmsted said...

can i get a photo of you in your new z-coil shoes? i'd like to post it with your story on my unofficial z-coil blog. thanks, -jack (