Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Didn't realize it had been 3 days since I last posted. I am so busy. I am so close to finishing up my quilt I can taste it. Plus, we got the Wii Fit on sunday so I have been doing that everyday. I needed a new dryer, not having alot of money I went to a used place. I have been there before so I thought it would be no problem holy moly was i wrong. They brought the first one yesterday and it was to big and so they took it plus my old one. today they bring another one, get it all hooked up. Everytime they would test it would trip the breaker, funny since it should be a gas dryer. They made a call and the store wanted them to bring it back in. So they bring it back upstairs and on the truck. So tomorrow I am going to my friends to do a load, and hopefully since 3rd times a charm they can bring me a dryer that works. Today we have church, then lenten dinner, which I have to make something for. then finally handbells and home. OH and the Big one joined the track team. I cannot wait to see how he does. I never would have thought he was a sports player. This year he has played basketball and now track.