Sunday, March 15, 2009

Church Voters' Meeting!!!

We had one today. I love our church, I love our school and thankfully they have been one in the same. Well today that all changed and I can say I was surprised but i'm not. We have been talking about it for years. We are not closing per se, Just moving and joining with 2 other schools. We have over 800 members of out church but only 85 students in our school, which back in the day 70s and 80s was the biggest lutheran school in the country. This Joining of school has really let some people colors shine and not in a good way. We have had our President of Board of Ed basically say our teachers are no good. HUm, my son has been there for 4 years and I have loved all the teachers. and I have gotten to know the teachers for the upper grades and I was hoping my kids could have them, too. He said his peace and then people came behind him and said theirs which was he was wrong, it was funny, but you had to be there to get it. The meeting was 3 hours long but most people were armed and ready as in brought their lunch. I live right across the street so I ran home and made a sandwish. Not being hungry made it not as long lol, plus i got to play with a baby hehe. The kids are so so excited to go to the "new school". I am going to miss hearing the kids on the playground, I think its going to make for very long days because I look forward to it because I know when its going to happen. The price is going to go up but my kids future is worth it.