Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bed time with the boys'

sleep with the kids' is hit and miss. The Small One goes to sleep pretty easy. The Big One, not so much. He has always been like me. A night Owl. A friend had told me today that 1 thing she took from her mom was she never gave them a bed time. It made them responsible for getting sleep. The Big One loves school and would die if he ever fell asleep or something. So i am trying it tonight and guess what. The Small One is asleep but didn't get to sleep until after ten and The Big One still awake. They didn't even notice until about 10 or so that I wasn't telling them to go to sleep and The Big One was freaking out, but not for long since he is still awake. He would say why aren't you making us go to sleep and I would say do you wanna? he said I wanna watch another ghost Adventure and then he would go to sleep. It ended about a half hour ago. I am heading to bed. Have to work tomorrow.

Sorry this doesn't make much since I'm falling asleep.