Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My appt this morning!!

We left a little before 530 and got down there about 715 over an hour before the Appt. So we went to Bob Evans and chilled. I didn't lose as much weight as I wanted. Since Dec. 5th I have lost 16 lbs. I thought I had lost more but I'm still happy. They told me that they wanted to talk to me after the Appt.

During the Appt. we did an activity. My table had to come up with a meal from Wendy's that had all the food groups. 1 table had to come up with just a regular meal and the other reg meal but potion control. The first table meal came up to 1080 cals. that is crazy. The 2nd table came up with a meal of 480 cal. Our table's meal came up with 500 cals. The differance between potion control and ours was ours had less fat from cals. Theirs was 21 grams and ours was 9. It was crazy. Then the lady talked for a half hour about excerizing.

After the meeting I went and talked to M who has helped me alot since I switched to them. She told me some good news and bad news. The good news was I could sign this paper. The bad news they wanted me to come back on friday for 5 minutes to hear the doctor talk to me about the Risk of Procedure. My doctor was there and she was the one that had to sign it. I told them I couldn't do it. It takes me 5 hours round trip to go there. Was there any way another doctor could do it since I was already there. After some bitching and complaining on the nurses part I was able to wait and see a doctor then. When I mean wait it was over an hour. But it is done. M said she didn't care how last she was going to be but she was sending my paperwork to Insurance for Approval. I surely hope third time is a charm. I am ready to be done.