Monday, January 25, 2010


Update: They are still parking there and I agree I will knock on the door every morning with a smile the thing is it doesn't seem to be bothering them. i just watched about a half hour ago the white truck was not home when we got home earlier. It came back and parked and then some went and got the SUV and put it where it has been. I did find out why they have been parking there. the husband almost passed away this past weekend and they are having people stay in case he does for support and they don't want to park on the street. I understand but come on there are cars all up and down the street. Its still frustrating.

All the sudden my neighbors have gotten rude. Grrr. We share a driveway. It makes a Y with their side and my side. I know for years and years they did not have to share but I have lived here for a year and half, so why all the sudden hogging the driveway. They have a big SUV that fit perfectly into their spot with no room behind. And my little Escort fits and could possibly have another car behind.

Saturday this big extended cab truck its the first car in their spot and they are parked right behind it in part of our shared spot. Now granted on most Sundays we don't leave until the afternoon because our church is right across the street, but yesterday The Small One had to sing at another church for school. I rang the bell at 825 for them to move their car. They did and waited until I was out then put the SUV back so when I came back I couldn't pull into my spot. They did it again this morning and I will keep ringing the bell at 710,715 every morning until they get the idea.

I think it has to do with the dog complain and that just makes them stupid.


Mrs Gloves said...

That is so rude! I'd kill them with kindness and maybe they would feel bad about hogging your spot.

...stopping by from SITS...

Steph @ A Grande Life

Mrsbear said...

Stopping over from SITS also.

Sounds really annoying, but as long as they keep hogging the space, you should keep ringing the doorbell. Always with a smile, of course. ;)