Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On the Radio This Morning!

Yes I Was. LOL. Why? The question that was asked was Ever you ever had to change your plans because of your spouses Farmville? Well I'm not married but I jumped on it anyway hehe and they loved me. Really if it wasn't for the fact that I hate my voice I would so do radio. ANYHOO. They askedme how many hours a day do I spend on FarmVille? oh 2-3 hours yesterday was a little more because I redid my farm. How old am I? hmm 29. lol. I told them how on saturday I miscalculated the time and was at the store when I realized my crops would be wilted. Dirk laughed and asked if I dropped everything and ran hom. no I didn't. I also told them that I don't plan my plans around my crops but I do plan my crops about my plans. I was the first caller. I also said that out of all my friends I am the highest level.

The next person to call in said that the people in his office are cordonated that one person will go and harvest everything and it gets going. CRAZY. lol

So are you addicted to FarmVille