Monday, January 11, 2010

Is working on something for the Summer!!

I love traveling but I am a broke single mother of 2 boys'. During the summer I love to keep the boys' busy and myself as we love to travel. This past summer We were rewarded with being able to go to the Disneyworld with my Sister and her family. We had a blast for 7 days. Went to everypark and Downtown Disney 2 times.

I was born where we live but grow up in San Diego, Ca. I have been trying to get out there for a couple years to visit family and show the Boys' where I grew up. I would love to take them Disneyland(we went to Disneyland before we moved here but The Small One was 8 months and The Big One was 4), Legoland(they would LOVE it, since Legos are all over my house), The Zoo, Sea World. Taking them to Benihanas, Corvette Diner. La Posta. Man my mouth is watering lol.

Since I am having this surgery I don't think my family with regonize me. LOL. I could easily lose 75 to 100 lbs by the time we leave. So I am putting my toes in the water, just not sure how to do it? Anyone have any tips? I would Love to do a blogging trip.