Friday, January 1, 2010

The Big One and girls!! and New Years.

Yeah I am going to start this year off right lol. tattling on my son. The boy has my hormones. I am in BIG trouble. He likes girls ALOT. and its the older girls. He first "girlfriend" from 1st to 5th grade. Yeah it was a long one. When he was in 1st she was in forth. Now it doesn't seem so big of a difference but back then BIG difference. Now he has been talking to this sweet girl and she's in 7th and he's in 5th. I do check his email, he is only 10. I want to catch anything early on to deal with it. But geez louis. this school alone he has had 4 "girlfriends" enough already lol.

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL New years. I had baby boy but he slept most of the night. The Big One and The Small One both stayed up until almost 2. They toasted in the new year with Sparkling Cider. I am going to lay down. Baby Boy had me up at 830 after going to bed after 2.