Sunday, January 10, 2010


The Small One woke up and puked. then he slept on the bathroom floor.

The Big One talking to his girlfriend right after midnight on New Years. They talked for over an hour. GRRR.

This is The Big One with The Princess who just turned 4 months.

This is the Prince he turned 3 months on New Years. compared to The Princess he is a tiny thing. But I love them both.

This is a cute pic of The Big One and The Prince sleeping.

The Small One dancing I think to J. Lo. He is a very weird child.

The boys' toasting in the New Year with sparling cider.

The Princess and her Grandma, my best friend, came over after church last sunday. I got to feed. Grandma forgot a bib so I used one of my napkins. She liked wiping her face lol.

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Lani said...

beautiful kiddos! Thanks for visiting my blog today:)