Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Accident

I had just picked up The Big One from rehearal and was going too grab The Small One to go get dinner and go to Production, well life is what happens when you plan, right? The Big One was on my Nook and the car in front of me was up aways and then it wasn't, I braked and Im not sure what happen next. Im not sure if I hit the car in front of me and then the car hit me in back which then made us go forward more and the car in front of me hit the car in front of them OR if the car in back of me hit me and we then went on and hit the other cars. I dont know and that scares me. aI could not stop crying, I dont think I stopped until everyone was gone and I was waiting to get picked up. Yep, everyone was able to drive off but me. Why? they all had BIG cars and I had a tiny this escort. I loved that car. I got it on my 22 birthday, pregnant with The Small One. It has been a great car to us. Moved us across the country, Many trips to Virginia Beach, Now a couple to The Ozarks. Its like losing a child and I will miss it terrible. The pics pretty much eplain themselves

When She started to pull away my car would not let car. I dont think realized until she got where she was going how bad her bumper was.

Catching a few z's while waiting for my dad

I am sore today which I knew I would be, but not as sore as I thought. I am heading to Urgent care just to make sure. I wuld have went last night but The Big One had Production.