Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teacher Gifts

I know school is over but I wanted to show some of my crafts from the last couple months. Most if not all I got from pinterest.  Majr Picture Overload.

The first set of pictures I did for the boys' teachers' for Teacher appreation Week. The Big One's Teacher loved it so much he opened it all in one day when he was suppose to open one a day for a week.



Money for a soda.

Tacks. I was able to get a lot of them in.

A lottery ticket

Binder Clips

I couldn't find mini note pads so I cut small ones in half.

These are very BIG and only cost a $1 at the dollar store

I did mix it up and they did not get the same thing on the same day.

All wrapped up.

The next set of pictures were also for teacher week but were for all the teachers. I was head of this and this is what the 6-8th grade brought in.
I passed these out in the morning. When I came to The Big One's Class the Teacher said Big One Im sorry but I like your mom so much better then you.

These I passed out at lunch. They were so surpised the werent expecting anything more after the drinks.
I gave these right before school got out and again they were surprised and loved it. So much better then a potluck and something they wont forget.

This was not for the teachers but for the kids In my class 2nd and 3rd plus The Big Ones 7th grade. and I had enough since The Big One helped out in the Kindy class all year he was able to give them one too
3 Kool-Aid packets, and a crazy straw. The sign says "Have a 'KOOL" Summer

Unfortuately due to Health issues I ended up missing the last day of school. boo but I know everything was passed out and everyone loved everything. Oh, I did soomething easy for the teachers for the last day. I just got a clear bag for (what I had left over from smores), I put in a sharpies, smarties, kisses and put a note "thank you for making me Smarter and Sharper this year"