Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mouse Ears and tail

The Big One has a Dance Production on Friday. He also signed up to be a people prop in other dances. He will just stand in a prosistion in the back during the 3 dances he was assigned. The first one is called Stuck On You. He a classmate(girl) from Jazz have to match. So they are wearing thier Jazz outfits. She is in swim and highlighted a patch of her hair purple I told The Big One he could wear my Purple clip on he said no. Party Pooper lol. The Second song is Nutcracker Sweet. This one was hard. He could be either a Nutcracker, Soldier or a mouse. I couldn't come up with anything so Mouse it is. He has a Grey hoodie and sweats. so I just made a pink tail and ears. The 3rd song is a racing song so he has to dress up like either a racecar driver or something so he is a Mechanic. Dirty White T, Jeans and some Tools. These 3 songs are not including the Jazz and HipHop song he is in. Crazy Trying to get 5 outfits together and in bags with labels for Friday.

His mouse tail

His mouse Ears. They have plastic in them so they will stand up.

After much trying to convince he would not model them for me again party pooper. There is always Friday lol